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David how are you sleeping now? I’ve done some of the stuff on your list – melatonin, 5 htp, antihistamines. Also loads of herbal tea etc. Always been to scared to go the prescription or even otc route as many conventional meds disagree with me. Most things I’ve tried either leave me too groggy, light sensitive, dull headache but mainly just dont work. 2 years of healing later I have many improvements but not the sleep! Tried the sugar/ salt / sugar & salt / big dinner / small “dinner / no caffeine after noon / gelatin / repeat. Kept sleep logs, stopped when inconsistency of results to all attempts made it clear there are no patterns or lessons I can discern and build on. Repeated attempts at regular intervals.some days I feel ok even after a bad night. Mostly not. Try not to nap to get circadian rhythms working and because naps give me same symptoms ( groggy , dull headache etc). I get to sleep fine so the relaxation methods are not necc. But then I wake up few hours later, toss turn doze ache try sugar / salt / a cookie / salty O.J. / Etc till 5 ish when enveloped by a sense of warm dreamy well being, I drift into th. e first satisfying sleep session all night , and 30 minutes later the alarm wakes me soo can get the family off to school /work. Breakfast and school lunches await, and traffic :'(