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These all sound great, and will keep them in mind for later down the road. Thanks! But for starters, I thought I’d just enroll with a personal trainer. This was great because he exposed me to all these cool exercises, how to use machines, and really got me going in a way I doubt I could have on my own.

But, and as one may expect, I fear that over the past 4 weeks he might have been progressing me way faster than my re-feeding body could handle. I’m having a very hard time reading my biofeedback these days, but I’m guessing that a stronger, accelerated heartbeat throughout the day that also keeps me awake at night might be a sign that I’m doing too much? The odd thing is that my temps are very high without hardly doing anything — I sit-down all day and I’m warm, and I’m sweating buckets just from doing the dishes or going for a brief 10 minute walk.

I would see this as a good sign, except for the fact that my sleep is horrible and my libido is very low. For the record — my sleep has never been great and nor has my libido, but their considerably worse now.

Hopefully I can communicate my situation and my needs to my trainer without getting any suspicious looks. He seems like an open-minded guy, but all he might see is a 240 lb young man complaining about doing too much work and being stuck in a lazy mentality. But if he does cooperate, I’m not entirely sure what I should say. I know that Matt and Thomas and Rob have recommended low reps, never going to max, no grunting and straining, and taking long breaks between. Is there anything else I should say to him though? (I’d like to hold onto the benefits of having a trainer if I can).

I get muscle shakiness when I’m doing planks and other stability stuff, but he says that’s good. I’m not so sure though…