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I have read all his books and yes im aware that the old diabetesbook favors starches but i think matt has changed some opinions inbetween.

In the diabetes thread someone posted this link:

And she has an article on gelatin(powder) and its benefits on her site. Two benefits being keeping blood sugar stable and reducing inflammation,i think bc it heals gutlining.
I think diabetes is a condition of inflammation. When i started there sure were signs where i thougth if this is rigth,and i sometimes still do,but most of them disappeared but i found with starches especially all the grains didnt improve anything and actually brougth on some new problems.
Im not saying people should eat this way,by all means if you find your symptoms improve with starch or whatever than stick to that. Im just trying to offer an insigth in what seemed to have cured some of my long term problems.:)
I think the key is trying to find what led to the inflammatory stage in the first place….
This is pure my own theory,but ive had chronic lyme for 10+ years without knowing so that has wreaked havoc on my body&organs for a long time. My therapist once said to me,that once the lyme is gone itll still take at least 2years for the body to recuperate/restore itself from all the years of damage done. Yesterday i read an article where a milk&fruit diet was described as a cleansing/detox diet….being that my current foods are somewhat inspired mostly on fruit&natural sugars,goatdairy,gelatin and some sat.fat i think i migth be doing well for now on it bc its maybe cleansing the body/lowering inflammation?