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The Real Amy

I’ve had similar stuff happen before. Your body can have a hard time re-adjusting when your sleep cycle gets messed up. My best recommendations are:

1) practice good sleep “hygiene” for awhile – like no screens an hour before bed, have a nice bedtime routine, no bright lights late at night, etc. You can even do a sleep meditation CD or something if you want to (I like Deepak Chopras, which also includes daytime breathing exercises).

2) Tell yourself that your body just needs to readjust and trust that it will. The stress of worrying about not sleeping just makes it worse. Just tell yourself you will rest even when awake, and if you wake up you will just relax and think nice thoughts until you drift back to sleep. You are just re-training your body, and rest is the next best thing to sleep.

3) If you are still having problems after doing this, there is the option of just not sleeping one night and toughing it out the next day until 8pm or so. Then go to sleep and you will almost certainly sleep through till the next morning. This is similar to most people’s jet-lag recovery method, and it actually really helps reset your body, in my experience.