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Linda Bacon brings out very important points. They bring me back to my basic premise: How did you start gaining weight in the first place?
For the vast majority of people I interview, stress precipitated the weight- and it could have been early in life (being teased, abused, neglected) or these or other stressors at any point in your life.

Stress changes your physiology; and can make you gain (or lose) weight, even though you haven’t changed your eating patterns. It can also start you on binge eating, or addictive dieting- orthorexia.

I agree with Linda Bacon- stop the hyper-vigilance on what you’re eating; stop the obsessing about your body, and start living a life that has a purpose focused outside of your perceived physical attractiveness. You will see changing your focus improves your mood, your health, and eventually your weight! Because the things you resist persist!