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ugh lord i’m sorry for flapping around so much; i was so cold the other day i couldn’t think straight and went into a little bit of a panic attack as a result

thanks all so so much for your thoughts

@mighty m , stress should be, if anything, ticking downward at the moment–I’ve just left a very intense job as well as finally fully moved in with my boyfriend/partner, who is a saint and only ever encourages me to eat more and gain weight

the “buffer” in question is i guess what i call calories that i intentionally burn and then don’t account for in my eating, “just in case” the calorie counts on foods are wrong or i’ve measured something incorrectly or somehow in any way taken in “too much,” the buffer of negative cals will “save me” and WOW does that sound crazy written out

also i should reiterate that i’ve been “recovered” (inasmuch as i can be called recovered, that is to say, probably not really) for over a year–the big feeds of the past couple days were not the beginning of my recovery or anything, they were just to make up for a chunk of deficit i had racked up working on my feet a lot lately and not accounting for it (the boy insists that i “undo” these sorts of deficits when i let myself fall into them) so it’s not like i’m two days in to recovery and being like “ugh why am i not fixed yet ????”

also, the ~1900 cals is a net figure, not a total–depending on how much i work out/move for the day, gross intake is more like 2100-2500. is that more okay?

, when i first started recovery last year i pored over the MiniMaud stuff, but i’ve never been clear on whether the 3000 cals as maintenance was meant as a net or total figure. i know that cals-in/cals-out is a crazy flawed algorithm, and that calculators are unreliable, etc, etc, but this one which i believe both Rob and GoKaleo recommend using, well, eating 3000 cals net per day puts me well above 200 pounds! that can’t be the best weight for me to recover to, can it? i hope?

sorry for continuing to be vague and weird; i guess in asking about degrees of screwedness i’m worried about either 1.) having kept my metabolism from completely healing by not doing recovery “fully” or “right,” which would mean having to look over my shoulder for the unstoppable doom of weight gain appearing at any point or 1.2) needing to be crazy meticulous forever in order to not gain

basically, is this “recovered enough”? at least in terms of physical health? sorry to be asking strangers on the internet questions to which they can’t possibly know the answers

what’s so frustrating is that about a month or so ago i had a period of a couple weeks in which ever morning after breakfast i would be warm and full of energy, just totally wired all day, and i haven’t been able to replicate it since

the main thing that was different was that i was eating at least about 15% more of my cals from fat at the time, but the general consensus around here seems to be that carbs/sugar are the way to go for warmth and that fat is starting to get villainized a little, which is freaking me out about adding more in. i can’t think of what else it could have been, though, and now that i’m living in such a cold, wintry environment i would desperately like to be warm again

thanks again all; you are good humans

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