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By all means, eat the fat! I eat lots of butter everyday. And you know what, it’s probably the one food that I have continued to crave since I first started refeeding (mid March). Other things I have kind of rotated through. I will have two or three tablespoons with breakfast- and I am eating at a deficit right now (I still eat over 3,000 cals a day, before exersize). I have lots of energy eating like this and have underarm temps over 98 degrees.

I remember someone saying it seems that often women need more fat.

Focus less on what you *think* you should be eating and more on learning to hear what your body is asking for. Your body will tell you what it needs, if you keep trying to listen and keep paying attention you will slowly learn to interpret and know what you need more and more.

Your fear of going above a certain weight is rooted in your belief that losing fat is hard or impossible. This comes from having lived in a low metabolic state previously. Let go of that because when you are in a high metabolic state, yes, real weight loss is slow but its not hard. The weight you put on is not permanent. Also, you will probably find, in a healthy state you will be the same size at a higher weight. You should really stop weighing. I know how hard that is but do it. It’s a very poor I indicator because it doesn’t tell you what that weight is made out of. Is it bone or muscle? If it is, do you really want to be afraid of it?

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