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No problem Phoenix. I really know where you are coming from- it is actually the waiting that is the worst thing about it! But it is an investment worth making- you’ll likely find that if you can hold off as much as possible, you will be more robust eventually than you have been for years. Pushing too hard too soon only leaves on trapped in a constant state of forcing your body to damage itself, you do not get anywhere that way. Also remember too though- it is not ‘you’ unable to do 45 mins of activity, it is a necessary and temporary hiatus on extraneous activity which will allow you to be able to do much more in the future. Such as strong signal should not be ignored, treat it not like weakness, but more like a bodily need like hunger or sleep. When you have had enough rest and healing, you will be able to do that easily and more, and the more you can give in in the short term, the sooner that will be. All the best,