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I think it’s a vicious cycle in which the psychological aspect lead to worsening metabolic health, which then leads to more real unpleasant symptoms, which leads to more fear. Based on my own experience I would expect that as your stable temperature increases you will find that it is easier to eat more things that you previously thought you couldn’t eat. And, my own experience is that the more often I am willing to eat small amounts of things that I thought were problematic, the better my health becomes and the easier it becomes to eat more of those things. So to answer your question “Can I actually drink orange juice without fear?” I’d say: ditch the fear first, drink a small amount of orange juice, discover that it’s okay, then you’ll have confirmation that your decision to ditch the fear was a good one. That starts a positive loop. And don’t be discouraged if ever you feel you have a setback or something doesn’t agree with you. It happens. It’s not a big deal. Just keep eating the calorie-dense foods with emphasis on sugars, and you’ll increase your metabolism and you’ll have fewer setbacks. That’s been my experience.