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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and thank you for the links :) I could just hug you and Matt.

I have spent my day reading everything I could. Here on this site and all of the links you shared with me.

I am actually grateful to see that my hunger and binging all makes so much sense now. Before I started restricting I ate tons and was thin with a huge appetite…then people began commenting that if I keep eating like that I would get fat( they were all heavier then me)..and so the restricting began, then it was the “healthy” diets, juicing, vegan uggg :( I’ve cried quite a bit today over ignoring my poor body. If only I had continued listening to my hunger instead of other people who knew nothing of my activity level or anything (I worked on farms and was a dancer can you imagine :( trying to eat what people with regular jobs were eating and ignoring my hunger…so sad I didn’t even know I was starving myself.I am so happy to allow myself to eat when I am hungry now and get back to trusting my body. Grateful that this forum and site are here.

Yes, I was lucky I already had planned on taking time off this week but I also canceled my sessions with my trainer at the gym. I couldn’t have done anything if I wanted to anyway. I could not keep my eyes open the last few days.

I have another question. Today about an hour ago after eating my pulse got very, very strong and raised. My heart rate increased and I am sweating. I took my temp and it is 99.93. I couldn’t find anything about this on the other site unless I missed it. My pulse is normally difficult to feel and is very light, this is a strong, strong pounding

My morning temps have been around 97.16.

Thank you