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Steven e

I’ve managed to loosen up quite a lot, and more importantly, I think enough. I think it’s helpful to think of this as short term. How much worse can it be to indulge a little than what we’ve already done to our bodies restricting. If you have major ortho issues, maybe you need to just eat some real serious junk, but it’s not that hard to eat food with almost all real ingredients. There is plenty of chocolate out there with no junk and there is always decent if not great ice cream available. I rarely find it necessary or desirable to eat anything with artificial flavoring or total garbage ingredients even on a pretty tight budget. My health food coop carts have had to get smaller and my grocery outlet carts bigger, but there is plenty of real food out there. If you are not on a budget, you can even do it organic for the large part. I have the added problem of not having enough energy to play healthy home economist and that limits me mostly to easily prepared foods. I do bake a batch of cookies or something now and again.

But, if you want to eat all organic, and all whole foods, you might have a problem, especially if it’s going to cause you to stress out in the grocery isle. Refined carbs are especially hard to do this without. So, you’ll have to just loosen up a little and accept that some non-organic ingredients and refined stuff, and maybe even sometimes some real junk food with non-food ingredients, is probably not the thing you need to be worrying most about and may even really *need* to eat to get over yourself for a minute. And really look hard at what actually is and isn’t junk food. My few experiments with real junk food didn’t leave me wanting more to say the least. And after three months or so, I want more nutritious whole foods than I did at first. I rarely eat, or want, unprocessed grains yet, but I’m going to follow my bodies cues on that for the most part. I do make my pancakes with some awesome local heritage whole wheat pastry flour and that seems to go down pretty well. Anyway, I think it’s fine and healthy to worry about what’s in the stuff a little. But, if it’s causing you a bunch of stress, or you really want the bag of potato chips fried in canola oil, or the loaf of white bread, just eat the stuff and worry about it later. That’s my take on it. I guess it’s gotten easier as I’ve realized that no, I’m not going to drop dead or feel like I’m dying from eating some junky food once in a while, and that the stress of going through life wondering if the stuff of life, food, is going to kill me if I am not constantly vigilant, is probably much worse than loosening up to a reasonable degree and enjoying life and the food that makes it possible. How much to loosen up probably depends on how neurotic we are, the more neurotic, probably the more crap we need to eat to get over it. Oh the irony! ;)