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Just curious why you began the refeeding if you hadn’t had an eating disorder or purposefully dieted. What prompted you to do it?

I guess I could put myself in that category too, but I had extreme metabolic things going wrong–for years, decades even.

I have/had been a runner for 35+ years and it has been a way for me to pull out of depression. But I did take to heart what Matt talked about in his book that I was training my body to lower my metabolism, create organs that were smaller and required less to function. What does a runner do after 5 miles? 6 miles, then 7, etc.

Of course that depends on what you do with the running. I never pushed myself–always refused to time myself after learning the hard way what it did to me to push and overdo. But even though I didn’t push more and more distance, I pushed to do the same distance more often. I was trying to do 100 days is a row of my 5-mile up a mountain and running down. I got to 63 and felt disappointed in myself.

Knowing that I enjoy running but that it is not exactly an exercise that leads to strength training (the way I do it), I’m really not sure what exercise I want to do. I hate, HATE the idea of weight training. I don’t have any upper body strength, I hate being in sweat-soaked gyms, I use poor form. It’s just not my thing. I think doing handstands (when I feel like it) will be the best I can do. [I should say that I’m 61, so no spring chicken. ]

I too am questioning the refeeding since I don’t have more energy since I’ve been eating so much–I have less. But my temps are better. I am not able to eat “regularly” since regular was way too little food. So it’s all new, all filling. I just thought I’d wait until I could maintain the temps and warm hands/feet 24 hours, but that might take a long, long time the way it seems to be going.

I will watch how you all solve your eating/exercise questions. THanks for the discussions.

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