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No, thanks for all the points you’ve made. This morning it feels like a big ado about nothing. Yes, I can still run, and yes, I think as long as I feed myself enough, especially at certain times, I think I can keep the energy up. I just had a pretty successful day and night of good heat and energy.

I just have a logistics dilemma since it takes me 2 hours (as I poke along, do my own form of meditation, smell the roses) and then run down. It’s a protected area so you can drive there only with permits and full-sized cars (which we no longer have–just golf carts). My hubby used to at least drive me up to the gate in order to cut a mile out. That’s what I’ve done when I’ve been out of it for a while.

Anyway, it’s not insurmountable. And I want to make sure I’m pretty reliably warm. I just need to keep eating more food later in the day.

David has some valid points. I didn’t feel better eating all this food, although I was getting warmer. And I’m not sure that the particular nutrients that we all may need to have replenished–will get there very quickly with this approach. Maybe it will for some people.

But I would have never allowed myself the “bad” foods, the volume if it weren’t for this “experiment”. ANd I learned some valuable things about my own metabolism. Maybe this is how everyone gets to their stop refeeding point? IDK.

Thanks for the suggestions/encouragement. I think we all have to try things, see what works but pay attention to what feels good for us–both in food and exercise.

I’m sorry to have hijacked your thread David! It’s good to see how other people solve their own questions. I still want to be a runner, just not necessarily a skinny-fat one!


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