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Internet communication lacks the nuance of face-to-face conversation, so I hope you didn’t mean to sound patronizing when you said that I was “… um, gung ho.” In any case, enthusiasm and optimism aren’t bad qualities, and naturally I want to share my positive experiences with others. I have been chronically ill for most of my adult life–for approximately twelve years–and despite occasional short-term successes, I haven’t felt this healthy for this long since I was a teenager.

I’m especially interested in sharing my experiences at this site, because I’ve gone through the same thing as many people here. I was convinced for years that the solution to my health problems was to find the right diet, to eliminate the right foods, to adhere to the right system. Overfeeding, while initially helpful with some issues, became for me another system that wasn’t leading to better health. Regular exercise, and a moderated (but normal) diet are working for me now, so I hope you can understand why I want to share that. My advice is completely conventional, but a lot of us have mostly experimented with unconventional solutions.

I don’t know whether others will have the same experience as me, but I think it’s useful to read what other people have to say. I have read and benefited from reading thousands of personal experiences online, and now I want to share my own. I get particularly concerned when I read posts from people who are worried that their overfeeding/inactivity is just making them overweight and lethargic, and I don’t want them to think that that’s a requirement for feeling better–if they’re like me.

I think I understand what you’re saying about the potential problems of having an efficient metabolism. I guess it depends on the person. I’ve known several endurance athletes who have tons of energy all the time, and who are extremely productive in their work and family life. If you asked them, they would say that the exercise increased their energy. However, I’ve also known a couple of distance runners who sleep a lot and seem chronically fatigued and over-trained. I don’t know what causes their problems, but undernourishment seems like a reasonable guess.

I’m sorry that my experience wasn’t able to provide anything useful for you. I hope you find what you’re looking for.