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@Sue thats great:)
May i ask what you eat daily with the Peatish diet youre now having succes with? I found my sleep improved,i now have more of a steady sleepcycle.

Its interesting you mentioned having tackled CFS with a Peatish diet,bc for years i was always tired too…craving&living on breads/pasta/grains and pufas&hfcs stuff as they all also happened to be high tryptophan&serotoninfoods,which gave me a blissful feeling while eating and later caused letharg/depression/negativity/helplesness/angermoods,fatigue,constipation,jointpain,weigthgain. i always blamed it now on that crap and my shitty digestion,but a while ago i accidentally stumbled upon a research about CFS&serotonin&dopamine….lets see if i can find it quickly.
Here is one article,especially the comment by Rachel is interesting:

I think from an early age something went wrong in my hormonal and dopamine/serotonin abillity and (bacterial composition?)the gut as its closely related…..and now im thinking the Lyme&co was just the cherry on top to make for even more complications.
And Peats work(&nutrition) happens to be based around these hormones.
I always envied those people with positive mindset and good steady moods, i now come to think those people have the rigth hormone balance&gut and that you can do endless meditation,mindfullness,therapy etc.but its not getting you far as long as this pathway is incorrect. I used to beat myself up even more,bc i couldnt seem to get the ‘proper result’ despite trying and working hard!