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Are you temping? If you follow your temps they normally go like this:

The first two weeks of your cycle should be lowered temps. When you ovulate your temp should jump about a half degree and stay elevated until your period starts again and then it drops back down a half degree.

I average 97.7 before ovulation and 98.2 after

(it’s sort of nice because it’s an early warning system that the blood bath is coming that day….)

Maybe your temps are still normalizing and your hormones don’t know what to do? But if your temp is jumping in between periods, you should be ovulating.

Edited to add, if you are sexually active, that can affect your cycle too (not much but noticeable) – at the risk of TMI, my period often starts the morning after sex (if it’s already due within a few days). Something about semen and orgasming containing some hormone or something that I can’t seem to find on google right now.

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