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I have found that taking 5HTP and GABA along with 500mg of Magnesium are a good sleep aid and they help calm the nervous system. I fall asleep in minutes, although I still wake up in the 2-4am window to pee, but I have only started my regimen on RRARF 2 days ago, so I don’t expect miracles LOL. I will say prior to finding this site I was following a site that encouraged eating your TDEE and once I started eating more I got my menses back and like clockwork every month now. I have PCOS and in 20+ years of having a cycle I would only get them 2-3x’s a year. Now I am 39 and done having kids I am as regular as ever…go figure. I think bumping my food up helped a lot. Now my goals are to get my body temps up and get the libido back and hopefully drop some body fat.

I hope you can find some solutions to your issues. I can only share what I have experienced at this point.