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While MDs are telling you that you have excessive stomach acid, my research and experience is telling me that I had too little acid. There’s a way to experiment with taking a low dose of HCL with a meal, and then SLOWLY increasing it in future meals until you feel a warmth in your stomach. Then back down to one pill under that level, and stay there until you feel the warmth again. Drop down again. YOur body is learning to put out the amount of HCL you need.

Taking a gulp of apple cider vinegar can be VERY harsh on your throat. You can dilute it, put it some honey and drink that. Apples are good.
Also, I add baking SODA into my juice, and that immediately calms the heartburn. Don’t take tums, or that stuff! Axia3- has prodigestive enzymes, and gets rid of the burning feeling fast. (it’s a life saver when I’m having trouble… not cheap, but truly worth it for me)

And the bottom line is: WHAT is stressing you? Your body is giving you a message- and you will have symptoms until you understand what’s bothering you! Your body is giving you a literal message, and it’s up to you to decipher it. That’s how the Mind/Body works!