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Thanks Steven.

I got into nutrition and food geekery through my background in archeology and early human anthropology. I heard about De Vries and then learned of Price through him. I’ve long been fascinated with the limits of human potential, and these feats of endurance and strength. I’ve got this book ‘Manthropology’ on hold at my library.

Matt wrote an article some time ago about Layla, a Somalian refugee he knew, and alludes to those deep reserves you wrote about.
To give you an idea of her mother’s health, Layla’s mom bore six children, and when war broke out causing the family to run for their lives for six months with scarcely any food or sleep and days without water, she had a child at her breast which she was able to nurse and keep perfectly healthy. In fact, the family walked to the point of delirium and exhaustion, with nothing but grass in their stomachs ? having run out of food completely. They were found, barely conscious, lying in the grass and had to be revived (so they were told, they have no recollection of it). The newborn; however, was fat and happy, sound as a pound attached to mom’s breast. Now that’s some nutritional reserves ? the result of a lifetime of real food with hardly any sugar backed by generations of sugar-free nutrition.

Crazytown. Anyway, thanks again