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Human Torch

I agree with Chen2011 about variety. Rather than eat a big plate of pasta I do better by eating a bunch of different things horderve style until the calories add up. Use tasty sauces. Go for less filling, lower fiber, less watery food. I actually have a better appetite on 3 meals a day rather than 4-6. By the time 5-6 hours has passed I’m ready to eat mass quantities. Don’t drink liquids within 1 hour prior to meal so you have room. When you do have liquids they should have calories in them such as Rice Milk (without quar gum). Most importantly only eat food you like or love! The appetite will increase if you eat a little past full every meal. The stomach expands. I’m 10 weeks into RRARF and at first it was a struggle to force the calories down in a whole hour. Now I get the food down in 15-20 minutes, (chewed well), and it’s not nearly as filling. Feels just right.