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I appreciate hearing from the other breastfeeding moms. Maybe we can make this our own little update thread. :-)

So, here’s what’s going on with me. My preovulatory temps are much higher this cycle than last, between 97.5 and 97.7. I had a low day yesterday (96.8), but I also slept horribly a couple nights before. I find that I usually do okay the day after not sleeping well, but the day after that I feel like crap, even if I get good sleep. So, that was yesterday. My temps were low all day. Plus, I’m fighting off a cold that my daughter and husband both have gotten, so I’m wondering if the stress of that also contributed to the low temps. Today is already better, though. I woke up at 97.7 and have been there or higher so far today.

I’ve been focusing on getting in lots of sugar, a good amount of protein (favoring dairy, eggs, and gelatin over muscle meats), and some coconut oil each day. That usually takes the form of coconut oil chocolate or using it in cooking. I have for several years had a visibly enlarged thyroid gland. I noticed this weekend that it is less noticeable and seems to be shrinking, which I take as a good sign.