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Well, today wasn’t exactly a good day for my temperature. Last night I woke up and I think I was just hungry. I think I still can’t figure out how much to eat and for some reason I have no appetite. I’m trying to eat more than I want, but apparently it is still not enough… I first tried the salt and sugar thing, but it didn’t help. Then I ate some sweet potato, meat and a banana. Still didn’t fall asleep…

I was also trying to figure out how much fluids to drink. Today I decided not to dring, but to eat juicy veges/fruits. So I had a really big red pepper with breakfast and about 200grams of strawberries until 2pm. Well, my temps were about .5C or more less than the days before.

I find it quite frustrating, and I fell like I don’t know what to do, what to eat, how much to drink etc…

May be I was also a bit overtired from too much walking the day before.

When i started, I was adding salt to all my drinks, which I stopped a few days ago, because I fell like I drink so little, and I can’t even taste my drinks, and… I also stopped taking my supplements to see what the actual color of urine is, and I think it is fine (yellow).

Interesting observation – when I have lower temperatures, I have less breastmilk ( I express every evening and in general, the higher the temperature, the more breastmilk I can express).