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Nothing got me to hate OJ more than trying the Ray Peat diet.
Seriously, though, I do like OJ, but I find I can’t stand the taste anymore unless I add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of salt to it.
I’ve read most of his articles, and those of his disciples. I’ve tried some of the things that seem sustainable and make sense- i.e. better balance of amino acids (more gelatin, less muscle meat), more sugar to starch, trying to get more red light, raw carrot when I remember. And *gasp* refined sugar (my old self would be spinning in his grave). It’s been several months of doing this. Can’t say I’ve seen any noticeable difference.
My biggest dietary influence before was WAP. (He still is a big influence up to a point). There can be considerable overlap between Peat and WAP (note: I purposefully didn’t say WAPF), if you have an open mind, so that made the “switch” a bit less psychologically painful.