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Human Torch

@Kristi, I woke up this morning to a beautiful sight – 98.6! 36 days into the refeed and it worked! The consult with Matt last week went great! I sent him a bunch of recent medical tests, told my history and current problems. He’s optimistic I have a good chance of getting my issues straightened out. Despite my fatigue he gave me the go ahead to do some moderate exercise so I don’t get out of shape. But I have to monitor my temp and biofeedback to make sure not to overdo. My muscles are actually blowing up on these light workouts. Also I was relieved to hear I could reduce my protein from 200 to closer to 100 grams a day. The massive carb quantities are anabolic enough to make up for the protein reduction. After years of high protein I am so sick of meat.

Matt is the first health care person I’ve consulted with who understands the connection between all my hormonal imbalances and gut issues so we had a lot to talk about. My situation is very much like what he describes in “How to Eat Better Than a Caveman” Incredible book. Apparently the gut problems I have are quite common side effects of the paleo diet. Basically metabolism drops – gastric emptying slows – digestion slows – food ferments causing bloating. At first when I added carbs back in the bloating got worse but now that my digestion has sped up the bloating is decreasing weekly. Who knew Ramen noodles, cookies and potato chips were such amazing health food!

Congrats on adding wheat back in! It is amazing to give in to those food cravings and have your body thank you for it. I’ve also been waking up hot. I used to sleep with 2 quilts and now a single sheet is sometimes too much.

I’ve also experienced an increase in acne since the diet started. Something I’ve used successfully in the past is 5gms of sprilina powder 3x day. Tastes terrible but my pores clear up within a few days on this stuff.

, Yes, I’ve done the same thing, patting myself on the back for my willpower to workout when I felt like crap. But then I wondered why my muscle gaining progress was so slow!