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@Carikay. Sure I will share on your site if you like. Or you can copy the post from here. My intent is not to bash the HCG diet as I still think that it can work, if used correctly. However I’m not convinced that the homeopathic drops are equivalent to real HCG. It is a very individual thing.

Although it can work, it can also backfire on a person in a big (pun intended haha) way. I know I am not the only one with this experience, and it really pulls ya down in this spiral of self disgust.

I also wanted to mention another thing that developed over my years of yo yo dieting – Borderline high fasting blood glucose. My doc showed me a record of my yearly numbers for the past four years and the FBG number went from a healthy normal 85 to 115. I was called back in to the office as they were concerned about the steady upward march. Recommended I follow the standard diabetes diet of avoiding sugar, counting carbs (14 gm/meal tops), 6 small meals, etc etc. And I am so tired of worrying and stressing about food.

Matt’s theories seem sound and sensible, most importantly the suggestion of emancipation from diet slavery. It’s almost too good to be true>