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Here’s my story:

  • Macrobiotics Stage 1 Did this for about 9 months. Even took some classes at the Kushi Institute. Literally emaciated me and started turning yellow and green. Home for XMAS, I saw a pan of lasagna my mother had made. Lunged on it and ate the whole thing. Good for me!
  • Macrobiotics Stage 2 Couple of years after above incident was going to graduate school in Paris. Somehow ended up eating at the restaurant “Le Bol en Bois” (know that one @saisrice ?) Under the tutelage of Rene Levy and Francoise Riviere (both had been direct students of Ohsawa) I started eating their version of macrobiotics (much stricter). Actually, I did better on macrobiotics this time around, maybe because it did not require me to cook so much. Still low energy though.
    Eventually I met the famous organic agronomist Claude Aubert and his wife Marie, who ate a very wide spectrum of food based very loosely on macrobiotics. That was actually ok.
  • When I moved out here to California, I spent the first 6 months at a sort of hippie school/commune up in Garberville called Heartwood Institute Mostly vegan food at the time. Once a week they served fish. I recall that on the fish day the director of the place used to run in, get his food real quick, the run out. He didn’t like the negative energy of the dead fish. The darling of vegans everywhere Paul Pitchford taught there at the time, and I always thought he looked like he was starving to death. You might have seen his best-selling book, Healing With Whole Foods
  • I was semi-vegetarian (meaning I ate fish) for years and then encountered the ER4YT diet. I was a type O and therefore started eating meat. I don’t believe in the science behind it, but this actually was a pretty good diet for me.
  • Then the WAPF diet
  • Then Paleo Even though I never went really low-carb, this was horrible for me. I was so hunger, I used to eat sticks of Kerrygold Butter!
  • Peatarian Actually this was a good correction to Paleo. I didn’t do so poorly on it, except for the T3 which made me manic. However, besides correcting the carb-deficiency of Paleo, didn’t do anything for me and was too monotonous.
  • And now, here I am stuck in the middle with you.
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