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All I can tell you is I napped daily for about 6 weeks, sometimes two naps a day, before I broke out of my funk. You are going to school, stressing, not getting to sleep when your body asks for it etc. This is going to make it hard to recover.

Also, what is refeeding to you? If it’s not something that triggers you, I would track your calories for a few days. The goal is simply to see what you are eating. Some people say they are eating “soooo much” and then they track, and they’re like, huh just 1,800 calories? Or just 2,000? Not enough for most women unless they are tiny. Unless you are like me and always have a strong appetite no matter what. I mean, I could put back a couple large pizza no problemo. I’d be stuffed for like 15-20 mins most likely. I come from a family of big eaters and strong appetites so it’s never been a problem for me to not desire to eat enough. But a lot of women do, especially after dieting.

Yes, salt as much as you can stand before it tastes too salt. Don’t overdrink water, tea, or other liquids (that said, if your metabolism is up, too little water can also make you tired and sluggish- consider your temps and experiment in this). And you are going to have to rest. You may need a break from school if you can do it. If there is a way to afford yourself some time to really rest? Like a couple months? Sleep every time you feel like sleeping and truly recover. Have a variety of food available, especially high calorie stuff but also whatever else you crave.

And get to bed at 10pm.

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