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Hannah Ransom

Do you crave carbs? I’m not really pro pushing any certain macronutrients, especially when it’s not what your body is asking for, so I would say just eat what you crave. I also don’t really think there is a problem eating whatever you truly want (though I am an advocate of organic and whole foods for the most part). I will go through stages of eating tons of fat, then tons of carbs, etc.

If you do want more carbs, I’m big on fruit. Eating a lot of grains is gross to me (not yummy) and doesn’t generally make me feel good, so I tend to eat a lot of fruit. I know you said tropical fruit is a no-go, what about dates? The medjool variety are like ~60-70 kcal each and really good in smoothies and stuff. Orange juice is good. Depending on where you live what you can get will differ. This time of year you could probably be getting a lot of melons, which are pretty low calorie, but totally delicious and very carby.

Your luteal phase actually ends when you start the true bleeding, not the spotting, so your luteal phase is longer than 9 days, but spotting before your period generally does indicate low progesterone levels.

From what I know, a short follicular phase can be caused by increasing age, stress, alcohol, as well as high estrogen, so it could not be a low hormone problem (overall).

Personally, I come from a super holistic standpoint so I always start with really benign stuff when trying to figure out health issues. How is your stress levels? Sleep? Do you sleep in darkness (you can’t see your hand 15 minutes after turning out the lights). Having a good sleep pattern, going to bed early, sleeping in darkness, and low stress can do wonders for progesterone levels. If affordable, I would try to eat mostly organic, because the conventional stuff can be bad for hormones due to endocrine disruptors.