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mighty m

haha! Well, I haven’t done that since, but at the very least it showed me a) I was deeply hungry … because notice I didn’t say I “stuffed myself” but rather ate until I wasn’t hungry any more; b) desserts might be a health food!

[[What follows is a long response to @Linda about sleep. Sorry to work that scrolling finger for those who don’t want to read it!]]

Based on that experience, I made 100% sure to not go to bed hungry for the next two months. My less-junky snack at home has been sourdough bread & butter with jam, and yogurt & honey, because that’s what sounded best to me. After it worked a few times, it became sort of ritualistic. I went from waking 5+ times a week (with no return to sleep) in March and April, to waking 1-2 times a week (but being able to get back to sleep), which is where I’m at now. Now, I only eat this before bed if I’m truly hungry, but in June and July I would eat at least a mini-version if I could find any room at all, just to be safe.

However, if I went hungry even a little bit during the day, even that late-evening snack wasn’t enough, I would still wake up hungry. Tried the sugar-and-salt thing, and it would actually whet my appetite for a full breakfast … at 4am! Never was like that before a 8-month stretch of paleo, I could eat less one day, sleep fine, and just be hungrier the next, no problem. Before paleo, I could also sleep with the lights on, sleep through a brass band, etc., and did NONE of that sleep hygiene b.s. but slept fine.

Needless to say, when the insomnia began, I diligently tried ALL the sleep-hygeine stuff and supplements, to no avail. I handmade a light-blocking curtain out of a canvas dropcloth. At one time, I was trying 20mg of melatonin … no help. I believe this sudden-onset, predictable and otherwise-intractable insomnia was my body absolutely demanding to be fed; insisting on wakefulness is insisting on the absolute bottom-of-the-pyramid need, food. For the record, if I had awoken thinking about work, or relationships, or not hungry, I would not assume the problem was food — I would assume the problem was emotional stress. But did I mention that, before I woke up at 4am, I would be dreaming about things like cookies? Who dreams about food except hungry people?? Think about it: adrenaline can save your life, it can give people the strength to lift cars. Of course, if it’s needed, it’s going to override melatonin, organic or supplemented.

Eating a lot (to appetite, always, of craved foods but mostly whole foods, never counting calories — but also never “stuffing myself,” I honestly don’t know where people get the idea that they should do that unless they truly have an ED) has allowed me to sleep, period. I’d tried everything else except pot, Rx drugs and hypnosis.

Incidentally, I WAS able to notice metabolic benefits from the food even before my sleep improved much: I noticed more physical and mental energy, and a great deal more strength at the site of an old injury.

Sorry so long — just wanted to respond to @Linda!

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