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Hi everybody and thank you for your attention!
The past week my sleep was better… I was on vacation: sea, beach anche food. The sleep was good, I slept two time a day xD like a baby, but they were few hours, less than 8 anyway…
When I returned home my insomnia came back xD.
My progress seems good, tomorrow I reached 37.6?C in tha late afternoon.
This morning my temps were 36.6?C. I took some advices I found here like eating every two hours. I eat without stuffing myself and it seems that the ache under the last right rib it’s gone… Then today I decided to buy a multivit. and multimineral supplement, I read in different topic of some people taking magnesium supplement, well, I will take more substances together ahahah xD
I don’t think that I have some deficiency, at least not serious xD
But, if I am in a “recovery” and in HED, well I will go high also in vit and minerals ahahahah
Then if I will see some improvement, every month I will change multivit, or take a break month… :)