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The Real Amy

Jim, it really varies. For some people, it is a few days, for others months. Salt helps some people, sugar others.

A few tips, and mainly don’t make it only about the food. If you were starving (and it sounds like you were), you need food, but see if you can also tune into your hunger and appetite (if you are really starving it will take time to do this, but start paying attention to your hunger and observing when you feel hungry, how hungry, what you really want to eat, and if you really want food or if it’s a nap you want – even if you eat anyway). I think force feeding is a bad idea unless you starved to the point of appetite loss, and then you should probably get professional help.

Balanced meals and consistency are your friends. Make sure you eat 3 balanced meals/day and 1 or 2 snacks on a consistent schedule. Stopping the extreme exercise is probably important for the time being, but don’t feel like you can’t do walking and stretching, gentle yoga stuff.

All this will help, but make sure you also focus on sleep and stress reduction. Figure out what made you abuse your body like that, and address whatever is behind it. Just take care of yourself for awhile. If you love lifting weights, you’ll get back to it soon enough. It’s not especially anti-metabolic so once you feel a bit better I don’t see why you can’t start slowly incorporating lifting. Cross fit probably is not a good idea, though.