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Thanks that sounds interesting. I did do bikram yoga and saw fast improvements in flexibility, but then in a few weeks I crashed because I did it when I wasn’t healthy.

And I ALWAYS have wanted to do gymnastics. I’m naturally one of the best natural athletes I know (a little conseded, but it’s true!). I love walking on my hands and flipping on bars (I act like half my age, 9 lol). When I was younger I played travel softball (and almost every other school sport), so I didn’t have time. And when I do have time (the last 2 yrs), I’ve been not healthy enough. I have to wait untill I build back my bone density. I get another dexa scan in 1.5 years from now, so hopefully that should be just enough time to recover my metabolism, feel better, be stronger, and I won’t hurt myself.

And I have looked for adult gyms, but I can’t find any in my area :(. So I guess when I get better I might be flipping with 3yr olds lol.