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Well, Berry, I don’t know if you count this as a success but I have had a lot of benefits eating for heat for only the last 3 months. I began this approach because I have recently had a baby but got a lot of side effects which I couldn’t place and had an underlying concern about hypothyroidism which in an extreme form runs in my family.

I won’t pretend my waking temperature is ideal yet but it’s up to 36.3c from under 35, sometimes a lot under. Because of the thyroid risk temperature is my main concern. At times throughout the day I’m up as far as 36.8. I will keep tweaking things until I reach 37, hopefully, in the mornings.

A month in to refeeding (I did a month of refeeding on wholesome food) I had sprouted lots of thick new hair on my hairline and got my period back.
I wasn’t worried about the period because I am breastfeeding but it’s return must be a good sign. I also have much better skin and overall hair condition, and I suffer from virtually no stress where this was an issue for me. Instead of attempted murders with PMS I just feel tired for a couple of days!
I have put on about a stone, which ordinarily wouldn’t be an issue, but I was already over 2 stone up from pregnancy. I am heavier than ever but I think that when I wean my son this will go.

Knowing what I know now I am less worried about returning to a low weight. I believe that my symptoms and low metabolism were due to the toll of pregnancy and breastfeeding on inadequate calories and too much liquid. I used to eat really “healthily”, plenty of fruit and veg, complex carbs like brown rice, rye bread, lots of water, barely any sugar as routine (obviously not a total purist as I did have treats) and absolutely no salt. I could eat til I was full but not take in enough calories with this sort of food, at the moment I need more. I expect my bones, muscles and teeth were being compromised to grow and feed my baby.
The weight gain will have gone towards repairing my body, I am sure of this because after 2 months eating for heat my belly bloated up in a very unusual way for me, and now it has shrunk down and I am gradually getting smaller all the time, but my weight hasn’t changed!

I am very happy with gradual changes like this, a friend of mine lost 4 stone on weight watchers after having kids but did it so quick that she now has saggy bits all over :(

A big part of this approach is relinquishing control over your body to your body. If you follow the in-built cues such as hunger, cravings and thirst you’ll almost certainly reach the point where your body is ticking over and won’t need to store much extra weight. I think most people override these cues with funny eating habits and cultural ideas related to body image which tell us that cravings for rich food are sinful or whatever. I say go for it, and enjoy.
love, crinkly