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Possibly relevant info:
1. 40 Year Old Male
2. Nice Body overall except bloated potbelly that makes me look like a pregnant male (Early Stage).
3. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver
4. Went Ketogenic End of 2011, 2012 – felt great at first but ended up feeling like shit but had flat stomach while feeling like shit.
5. Tried refeeds a couple of times previously but failed because my stomach was blowing up really fast. I panicked and started restricting calories to get rid of the stomach.
6. When I restrict calories my face looses fat and I look older. When I eat a lot of food my face fills out and I look younger.
7. Figured out that sugar makes my stomach blow up fast – I believe that this is related to my fatty liver
8. In present refeed I’m getting the majority of my carbs from starches and not sugar. My stomach is not shrinking during this refeed but its not blowing up really fast like in previous attempts that included sugar.
9. Quit Ketogetnic Diet mid 2012 because I felt mentally and physically unhealthy

Goal with refeed:
I believe that I damaged my body by going ketogenic and restricting calories to get rid of my belly although I was not fat anywhere else in my body before I went ketogenic. I also now have elevated liver enzymes that seemed to start elevating during my ketogenic diet. I believe that by eating all the food my body wants with good amounts of fat/protein/carbs my body will heal the damage that I have done.

I am also hoping that eventually my bloated potbelly will go away and the weight will evenly redistribute around my whole body. I don’t care if I carry excess weight as long as it is evenly distributed and not concentrated in my stomach area.