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@mali How cool that you live on a farm and in South-Africa! (That explains why I find your lastname sounding Dutch;))

You don’t have to get a fever or rash from being bitten by a tick. I don’t want to sound like one of the many alarming Lymies,but it could be where you’re chronic fatigue migth originate from.

Anyway,that fudge recipe seems awesome :)
Do you find you consume less fat with more sugar?and weigth/fatgain? Do you also eat starch?
I think you migth enjoy the molasses,since it has more of a salty taste instead of sweet.
Makes me wonder if you can use some watered down molasses(with additional salt) as a kind of substitute in recipes for soysauce?

Yeah,I too am wondering how you eat/prepare beef/meat with molasses?

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