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The Real Amy

Personally, I recommend extreme caution if using thyroid meds when not diagnosed as hypothyroid (hopefully working with a good endo). Some may disagree with me, but I would not take that risk personally. Too much room for screwing things up more.

Just anecdotally, my hypothyroid grammy used synthroid for years and was fine with it, and I know several other people in my personal life on it with good outcomes.

Based on my own experience, Cytomel is something I would be really cautious with. I was given it once by what I now consider a quack endocrinologist. I was under stress but he said I had some reverse T3 issue. I was not hypothyroid, so maybe it would be different for someone with real thyroid issues. But it made my heart race like I have never experienced. A couple of days was more than enough for me. I also remember Tierney, who posts on here sometimes, said Cytomel led to a major health and emotional breakdown. I’m sure there are people who have benefits, so I wouldn’t say never use it, but just be very aware and cautious if you do.