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I achieved a high temp (I think) by concentrating on high carbs and consistent meal times. I ate a certain amount of calories at certain times for around 3 months.
Before that I was refeeding for a few weeks at about 6-10K a day.

Matt. I’ve incorporated a bit of RBTi ideas. Such as eating light in the evening and larger at lunch or after a workout. I think it’s working? Will update you guys in a week or two. Much lighter on the calories too. And even though I’ve dropped them I’m still not very hungry.

My temp is lower right now because it’s the first half of my cycle…

As for temperature upper limit, honestly you don’t want to be this hot. It really isn’t fun after awhile. It’s like even thinking too hard makes me sweat. At first I loved it…but it gets to a point where you just feel gross.