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Saisrice, many many thanks for your very kind words!I have just started doing yoga 2-3 x per week and do feel great afterwards, but maybe I should start doing some meditation before sleep. My kids are 16 months and 3 and they both wake at night and the 3 year old regularly comes in at night and request to be put back into bed. So my sleep is just really disrupted and I feel so wired that even if I go to bed early or trying to take a nap during the day I can’t seem to.
Jdubs, thanks for the support, I don’t mind taking it slowly, but I can’t really afford to put anymore weight on my small frame. I just can’t. mentally I’m not a fat person and this is destroying me.
My husband was probably right when he said that I should first quit breastfeeding and sort my sleep before doing this, now that Matt even confirmed my worst fears, I think I’m going to reevaluate what I’m doing:
Limiting food whilst eating fruit only in the morning with parmesan to counteract too much sodium, sandwich for lunch and normal dinner at 5 pm and afterwards only fruit and parmesan if I get hungry. Watching my urine and adjust salt accordingly. I was also thinking adding non-prescription thyroid. (who knows, maybe it’ll help? Worth a try at least)