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I’m not sure if you’ve heard this all before but here’s what helps me:
Limiting screen time at least an hour before bed. No phone, computer, tv, etc. I take a bath or soak my feet and then read in bed. For some, I’ve heard it’s even best not to read in bed but I like to read and it helps me sleep. I also read in the bath. Sometimes I’ll soak with some salt or lavendar bath salts. I put lavendar essential oil on the bottom of my feet as well.

Making sure I have a small snack if I’m feeling like my temp might be low also helps. Sometimes if I’m really not in the mood to eat I’ll just have a few spoonfuls of the sugar salt mixture.

Doing a body scan is also a nice way to send yourself off to sleep. There’s a bunch of ones online and you can google some to see what you may like. I also remember on here someone posted about Deepak Chopra’s CDs for sleep and she said it was really helpful.

I can’t nap as it disrupts my sleep.

Steven, I wonder if there was anything you did differently that allowed you to sleep 6 hours straight? I too slept really well last night and can’t remember waking up, which is a first for me!! I think it was the little snack I had before bed but I’m not sure.