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Just a few more perspectives from around the web. A paleo person found ice cream made her (?) sleep well. She tried a more paleo friendly meal at night – sweet potatoes and butter – but it didn’t work and she awoke with her mind racing. She ate some ice cream to go back to sleep.

Also, people over at Mark’s Daily Apple reported success, but 1) tried to turn it into Paleo ice cream by not having dairy and having less sugar or 2) stopped because they didn’t think it was healthy. From a poster: “So I ate my last pint of coconut milk ice cream last night before bed – yes I ate the entire pint in one sitting, 840 calories and 84g of carbs – and I slept like a baby! I lasted almost 2 weeks on the ice cream diet and didn’t gain any weight and have probably added a little bit of muscle. I didn’t eat the ice cream every single day, probably only 2 out of 3 days.
Why am I quitting you might ask? Well, I am really trying to focus on completely eliminating processed foods from my diet. And even though I found organic ice cream made from coconut milk, there were still some chemicals in the ice cream (including soy and peanut products). For me, overall health trumps gimmicky weight loss or muscle gain pursuits. “