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I second what Amy said. In my experience, the low-protein version of the low-carb diet is just as draining. It’s better to find a moderate, sustainable way-of-living that won’t require waffling back and forth between extremes.

That said, sometimes experience is the only teacher, and I can understand your desire to eliminate the belly quickly. When I quit over-feeding at the beginning of last summer, I went through a brief low-carb trial, and I did lose weight rapidly–and then went on a binge and gained pretty much all of it back. The only thing that’s been sustainable for me is a small calorie deficit and regular exercise, which has still led to a gradual transformation. Week to week, it seems I’m hardly improving, and there have been several setbacks, but over the course of several months, the difference has been dramatic. The belly is receding, old shirts are fitting again, and my muscles are getting harder. The exercise is really helpful for motivation, because even when the scale’s not moving, you can still see improvement in the gym or on the track, and that makes it easier not to give up.

If you do try the keto as planned, let us know how it goes. Maybe you’ll be one of the minority of people who can make it work.