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The Real Amy

I know this probably won’t make a difference, and we all make our own choices in life, but can I recommend, don’t do it. If you need more evidence, read what people on here have gone through with low-carb. Yes, even the high-fat, moderate protein type. The issue is that the body gets stressed when it has to do ketogenesis. It’s not being kind to your body. It’s a trap, and if you can’t stay on it for life (and you know it’s not a sustainable diet plan forever), you will rebound even bigger the next time.

There are ways to get rid of a belly without ketogenesis. It just takes time. The eating methods espoused here won’t work for everyone, for sure. I am personally not a proponent of re-feeding for anyone but those who have been starving. But a ketogenic diet is just digging yourself in deeper.

Have you tried moderation yet (i.e., not overfeeding, not going crazy, but just a balanced, healthy, whole foods, moderate calorie diet, along with weight training and some cardio)?