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Hi Tennosea,

Thanks for your help and advice. Yes, I am 26, and yes, I have tried to get over this all year and every time I up the calories and work out, I just crash.

The biggest thing hindering me is not knowing if this is truly my problem. I know this sounds ridiculous, given that a nutritionist told me to eat 8000 + calories, an exss PhD said my body fat was 4%, and that when I have eaten in the past, my hormones have come back. However when I first started this, I had an incentive besides just the good feelings, because my swmim/ running fitness came back. Without the fitness incentive, I get scared that I am really suffering from something else, and all of the excess calories etc are just doing me further harm.

Anyway, I really appreciate your sharing this information with me, it helps tremendously to hear from other people