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@Dutchie I really enjoy fruits. This isn’t the season here for sweet, ripe fruits (all our imports during this season are from Brazil… and they are sour as f*ck) so I’ve resorted to fresh fruit juices like mango, apple, raspberry etc. Sugar (hard candy on some occasions) is good to snack on and I usually have meat (or any form of saturated fat) and some veggies for lunch/dinner. I eat eggs, too. Sometimes I have ice cream, hard candy or low/no-starch chocolate bars like Mars bars. Too much lactose causes a lot of digestion issues for me, so I prefer dairy low in lactose like whole milk, cheese, Greek yoghurt etc.

Do I miss starch? Absolutely. I crave buttery white basmati rice with my meals, potatoes baked in coconut oil, salty green peas.

It feels reminiscent of low carb for me, and it really is.

If I consume too much sugar, it triggers a large insulin release and my symptoms return. So I try and spread out my sugar intake through the day. I still do not feel as energised as I would have hoped, but it really has helped. At least I can have breakfast and not pass out, or not invest so much effort in being productive.

I am determined to conquer this.

I have planned going nearly zero carb to minimise my insulin release for a few days (or a week) and then have a high carb day. I do not know if this method will work, some have reported carb cycling reverses insulin resistance.

I have also planned a water fast to ‘reset’ my system. Let’s see how long I last… haha.

Things I have tried: thyroid supplements, supplements, exercise and intermittent fasting. None have worked.

I’d like to thank two users on this forum; Ari and Amy. Amy advocates those with hypoglycemic issues increase salt intake. It really had given me a small boost. Ari advised me to eliminate starch. Thanks guys.

It is very odd, I NEVER had any of the symptoms I’m currently experiencing prior to low carb. I was binge eating, restricting, fasting, exercising vigorously, despite feeling extremely exhausted, a pizza binge would usually give me a boost.

When I discovered Atkins, I was in such desperate place. Appetite suppression, weight loss, eat all the fat I want – it sounded like the miracle. It completely destroyed me. I would not be the wreck I am today if I had been a little more responsible, gah I wish I discovered 180DH earlier.

Sugar is a great source of quick energy for those with efficient glucose metabolisms like yourself. Fruits are also more nutritious than a bowl of white rice or pasta :)

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