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@David Making honest mistakes is indeed not shaming,but I’m talking about conscious behaviour here….residing in pizza binges,what doesnt do me good at all,out of pure frustration because I’m not getting anywhere in life….so I keep f*cking around with eating,exercising etc.because I have no goal ‘to do things rigth for/face my fears’.

Theres this half year studies over here,which is kinda like along the same line as becoming a CHEK Practitioner,which starts in March and I really really would like to do this studies and obtain the certificate so I can start on my own and move forward in life again. Because I’ve been unemployed for 4years now and cant get a job….but that studies costs 4500euros which I don’t have and have no idea how to get this amount of money fast so I can start in March.

I know it totally sounds backwards,me wanting to become a practitioner with my own shitting around….but its actually because of this,not being able to achieve that goal financially that I keep on messing around.
If I knew I definitely gonna participate in March I’d have a goal to work towards to again…a future.

On a sidenote,these guys seems to be Paleo/Primal in a Peat inspired framework,which I like very much: