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I have low-carb induced insulin resistance. I actually followed and adhered to the starch recommendations… which actually worsened the severity of my insulin resistance and I started experiencing intense, adrenal fatigue symptoms…

– Severe brain fog, usually improving after 6 pm, but still awful. An overall sense of instability and anxiety; bouts of depression and despondency.
– Intense hypoglycemic episodes after eating ANY form of starch.
– Extreme fatigue, I was yawning every few minutes. I felt like I could sleep for an eternity.
– Lack of productivity and engagement. It effected my academic performance as a student, which prompted me to contemplate quitting my education as I felt my ultimate fate was to lay in my bed anticipating the day I could become the old me again…

It completely destroyed me for months. I ate plenty of white rice, corn, peas, popcorn, potatoes etc. Tried everything, moderating the starch and increasing fat, fat-free, eliminating sugar, increasing sugar…

I wasn’t progressing. I finally eliminated starch. The brain fog lifted, I felt productive and energetic again. Perhaps not the best I could feel, but I was very desperate to escape the psychological prison.

According to Ray Peat, pure sugar has a minimal insulin release. So I followed his guidelines. I now avoid all forms of starch and focus on saturated fat and sugar.