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Hi David,

I was sleeping, at most, 8-9 hours a night, which is actually quite a lot for me, and I wasn’t napping at all. Any more than that would have been impossible–not because I was avoiding sleep, but because my body just won’t stay asleep that long.

In some cases, I can see the desire for sleep as a sign of healing, but I don’t think that this was the case for me. I also get tired and sleep longer when I lower my carb intake, and I don’t feel like that is health-promoting either. My feeling was that the fatigue I was experiencing was unhealthy and destructive, especially as it was accompanied by other negative symptoms such as shortness of breath and elevated blood pressure.

Could these symptoms have reversed if I kept at it longer? Possibly, but it didn’t seem that way to me, and I needed to live my life, not just lie around eating. I’m doing much better now with a moderate food intake and a regular exercise program. Overfeeding gave me some happy feelings, but it wasn’t what I needed to recover my health.