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@David199 You’re welcome….glad that during my anxious episodes and browsing through info can be of service to anyone.:)
Are you experiencing benefits from the honey?

Funny….now when I think about it as a very young child I gravitated more towards sugars&fats too and was less interested in starch. I mean,I grew up with daily fresh warm croissants from my dad,we owned a bakery….I loved the ham&cheese croissants. But in general I loved milk and chocolate milk,liverwurst,when I stayed at my aunt’s Sunday breakfast was meatballs in coffeesauce,I loved everything with melted cheese and we have these pastries called ‘Tompoes” which is basically 2 wafers with a thick layer of whipped cream and vanilla pudding inbetween…I loved those,but always took the top wafer off and ate the layers of cream&pudding and left the wafers….they didnt interest me….and ofcourse icecream!

Come to think of it….I had somewhat of a Peatish preferrence.