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yeah, no gyms within like a 90 minute drive unfortunately

dumbbells are a good idea; i don’t know why i keep forgetting about them but definitely something to look into! thanks for the reminder

i’ve been doing bodyweight stuff for about a year and a half and am fine to keep doing that as well, but i rarely have the time/space blocked out to do a full 30-40 minute workout (occasionally, but not often). is doing workouts piecemeal throughout the day any different/less effective? you don’t get the steady elevated heart rate, for instance, but i don’t know if it makes any difference in terms of strength and muscle build.

i guess i’m also curious how being mildly active almost all day every day affects my “need” for regular exercise, specifically cardio? i’m not looking to lose weight, just maintain a good level of fitness. just being non-sedentary seems important to that, and i’ve got that pretty covered. to be honest, i’m kind of dreading getting back to running/jogging (there has just been zero time these past couple weeks) because i’ve never been particularly good at it nor enjoyed it very much, but it’s something i’ve liked “being able” to do. don’t really know where i’m going with this!

basically i just need to suck it up and get back to it, i guess? or own the fact that i don’t like running very much and just become okay with getting my cardio from sprints and weekly massive hikes etc