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I signed up for a tough mudder because it just looked so awesome. It’s in a couple months and I will definitely never be ready. The most I’ve ever run is 5k, and it wasn’t on muddy hills. My “training” is running a few k every now and then, and some strength training or exercise class every now and then. “Every now and then” because I’m trying to not force myself or stress of it. I usually only have workouts 1-3 times a week. So, you can imagine, I am not the same path as many mudderlings!

I’m not even sure if I will end up going to the event, however we decided that if we do go, we can always walk most of it. That way, all the fun can be had without all the stress on the body in previous months. The obstacles look great fun, and while I’m not a very strong person, I want to try hard and hope I will be ok with my strength / circuit training.